Motherhood IS a process of continuing education

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 You can make your on-the-job learning fun for both you and  your child

You can make your on-the-job learning fun for both you and your child

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Most professions require yeeeears of training, and rigorous examinations before a candidate is admitted to its practice.  This is especially true where the lives and limbs of people are at stake. Yet when it comes to the profession that deals not just with the health, safety, or liberty of a person – but with the molding of his ENTIRE BEING (and to a greater extent our society’s future), some have tended to just plunge in, sometimes without even batting an eyelash. Come to think of it, if there is a profession that should require the most stringent of qualifications, it should be parenthood! The problem seems to be that parenting has been hardly regarded as a profession in itself – or if at all, like as of late, some semblance of such recognition has been slanted more to serve the commercial interests of some manufacturers rather than to meet the actual needs of children themselves!

The object here is not to blame parents of generations past, nor to frighten the parents of tomorrow.  After all, parenting is learned best while on the job. And it is the shared wisdom of previous generations of parents who decided to trust their instincts, question some norms, and treat their children with respect that have given today’s generation of parents a plethora of resources that make parenting education more accessible – and the lines from one song (“I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way”) a more hopeful statement now more than ever.

When I was a new mother three years ago, I was very thankful for the wealth of information available at my fingertips. During the pregnancy, I read books handed down by relatives and, with hubby, bought some updated ones as well. I also bought a DVD on yoga exercises for pregnant women (which unfortunately has remained unwatched even after my second pregnancy). While recovering from the CS operation in the hospital, I remember being on the net from time to time – whenever I wasn’t feeding baby (who had stayed with me for a few days before she was whisked off to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for treatment of excessive jaundice).  I was researching on feeding methods, baby’s latching, and so on.  After this, it was all about baby’s first year (her nutrition, development milestones, sensory stimulation, etc).

Then came baby #2. During my second pregnancy, mommyhood preps took a back seat until after the Philippine bar exams which I took at the onset of my third trimester. It was, after all, my second pregnancy anyway so I figured it probably wouIdn’t hurt if I didn’t prepare as much as I did the first time around – then our baby boy came out with G6PD deficiency. What I have learned is that no two pregnancies are alike and that circumstances surrounding such pregnancies not being constant either, some adjustments in the game plan needed to be made. The same is true for the subsequent raising of the children as no two children are exactly alike.

I have come to realize that while both my real estate brokerage and legal professions require continuing education, Motherhood (my main profession at this point in my life) proves to be, in itself, a process of continuing education. Take this wonderful journey with me as I sift through parenting education resources, discuss legal concerns of some parents, marvel at these precious God-given miracles, and together let us strive to be the best professional parents we can (and ought to) be. A “gentle revolution” is taking course throughout the world. Come join the fun!



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